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    1. Jack feell off his bicycle and got hurt. A beautiful young nurse asked him to fill forms. Jack finished them and gave them back."Anything else?" The nurse asked. "Yes,"Jack thinks for a while and said,"I'm a bachelor."

    杰克騎車摔傷,得住院治療.一位年輕美貌的護士拿著表格讓填.仞杰克填好遞上表格"還有什么漏填的?"護士問. "有!"杰克想了想說,"我是個單身漢."

    2. Wife:You see.According to te statistics on thepaper,80% of those who have died of liver cancer have drunk alcohol.

    Husband:It's okey. To my investigation,all Thespeopleeat meals.



    3. "Excuse me,but the seat you've taken is mine."

    "Yours?Can you prove it?"

    "Yes,I put a cup of ice cream on it."




    4. One day,Eve asked Adam,"Doyou really love me?"

    Adam said helplessly,"Do I have any other choice?"