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    What tense? 什么時態

    An English teacher asked the students,“What tense is it when I say‘I'm pretty’

    The students answered,“Past tense. ”

    英語老師問學生:“當我說‘我很漂亮 '的時分,是什么時態?”


    注:tense n. 時態 adj. 嚴重的

    The watch is not mine 這手表不是我的

    One of my classmate was late for school. The teacher in charge showed a watch to him without a word. 

    The classmate looked at the watch and said,“The watch is not mine. ”

    我的一個同學遲到了, 班主任老師拿著手表給他看, 一句話也沒說。 


    Please wake him up by yourself 你自己來搖醒他

    Professor:“Please wake up your classmate next to you. This is in class, sleeping is not allowed. ”

    Student:“Professor, please wake him up by yourself. It was you who put him to sleep. ”

    教授: “請你把旁邊的那位同學搖醒, 這是上課時間, 不允許睡覺。”

    學生: “教授, 仍是請你自己來搖醒他吧, 是你把他弄睡著的。”

    The high bridge 好高的橋

    Two people were boasting. One said,“ If a person jumps from my bridge, he won't reach the water in 10 minutes. ”

    The other said,“ It's nothing. If a person jumps from my bridge, he'll be starved to deathbefore reaching the water. ”

    兩個人在吹牛, 一個人說:“從我的橋上跳下來, 10 分鐘才能到水面。”

    另一個說:“這不算什么, 如果從我的橋上跳下來,他還沒有落水就餓死了。

    注:boast v. 自詡, 夸耀 n. 自詡, 大話

    The most annoying 最讓人煩惱的事

    The teacher in charge is complaining to the principal,“ David is the naughtiest kid in the class. 

    The most annoying thing is that he has never missed a class. ”

    班主任跟校長抱怨: “大衛是班上最頑皮的孩子。